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In addition to writing and editing services, Mary can also be booked for cultural diversity presentations. She is the right speaker if...

  • you have an open-minded audience willing to expand their cultural horizons, and enjoy a Q&A dialogue, but not a debate.
  • your group consists of anyone interested in learning more about the Arab culture and Islamic religion from a firsthand cultural immersion perspective.
  • you want to raise your awareness in an effort to demystify Arab cultural practices and beliefs.
  • your group consists of high school or college students, school faculty/staff, cultural diversity groups, and/or a mixture of religious affiliations.
  • you want to recognize generalizations many Americans make about Arab Muslims.
  • you want to make a difference in your community.
  • you want a content-rich Power Point presentation.
  • you want to learn more about Mary's book Culturally Speaking: Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness in a Post 9/11 World.

For a list of available Power Point presentations based on the book, please click here or  visit


Fees can vary depending on how you use Mary for your presentations. Below are some variables to consider when creating your budget and/or planning your event.

Length of presentations - 45 minutes to 120 minutes

Multiple presentations - Different or same presentation repeated during the same day.

Gifting a copy of Mary's book to each person in attendance. Ask about the 20% discount with autograph.

Location or venue of presentation(s)

Expenses - Actual, including travel time, or inclusive with fee.

Video/Audiotaping - Permission granted in exchange for a copy of the taped DVD or CD.

Payment terms - Your choice between paying in full prior to the presentation or 50% up front and 50% at time of presentation. Miscellaneous expenses due net 30.


Cultural stereotypes and ignorance - not geographical distances - separate countries and people in our post-9/11 world. Culturally Speaking: Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness in a Post-9/11 World is an attempt to dispel the ignorance that American Christians and Bahraini/Gulf Arab Muslims have of each others' cultures. It then tries to bridge that cultural gap by promoting awareness, understanding and dialogue about customs religion, and culture.


Mary's award-winning book was released in the United States in September 2008 and in the Kingdom of Bahrain in October 2008. Culturally Speaking was an award finalist in the USA Book News-sponsored 2008 Best Books Awards for the non-fiction, multi-culture category. It was a third place silver award achievement finalist in the Midwest Independent Publishers Association's (MIPA) 2008 Midwest Book Achievement Awards in the culture category. 




Presentation Testimonials

"This was the most rewarding educational interaction I've had with a group of students, EVER! Honestly, very eyeopening for them, as NONE of them have ever been outside the U.S. You have inspired them to think bigger and past the limits of American mainstream culture. What a perfect way to promote a country and learn firsthand about the complex fabric that intertwines culture and religion. Thank you."

Brenda Butterfield, MSW, instructor

Marriages & Families Worldwide

University of Minnesota-Duluth

"You clearly helped to promote a greater understanding of these two cultures through your well-illustrated and clearly presented PowerPoint program. We at the Alworth Institute appreciate the work that you are doing to enhance both Arab and American understanding of the other. This is so important at a time when simple ignorance can exacerbate political tensions."

Cindy Christian, PhD

Program Associate

Royal D. Alworth, Jr. Institute for International Studies

University of Minnesota-Duluth

"To have you and Ms. al Sheroogi both on campus to discuss both Ms. Coons' excellent book and the larger issues of truth and perception between our communities was a powerful experience for all who attended. As you said, the future of relations between all sorts of groups and individuals depends on their ability to see each other without preconceived ideas and assmptions. The truth, in many ways, shall set us free."

Marcellus Davis, Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Michael Wall, Director of Alumni Relations

Anoka-Ramsey Community College

Coon Rapids, Minnesota

"I enjoyed the human application of what education can do to bring people together. I think it's so important to have these presentations for people with inaccurate assumptions of the Arab culture and Muslim religion."

Anonymous audience member

Rasmussen College

"I would definitely recommend the speaker. Although Indoc gives us information about the Arab culture, the speaker had more overall information with more cultural information. Indoc needs to include her to help prepare Americans coming to the Middle East to know more about the culture here."

Anonymous military soldier

NSA Bahrain

Kingdom of Bahrain

"Schools should be busting down doors to have her speak. Cultural awareness should be part of every school's curriculum through all grades!"

Anonymous audience participant

Buffalo Unitarian Church

Buffalo, Minnesota

"This lecture was one of the most interesting lectures I have ever attended. It made more sense when Mary told us that Arab was a culture and Islam was a religion, and that culture could rank higher in some cases over the religion."


University of Minnesota - Duluth


"Mary, thank you so much for  hosting our Modern Knowledge School staff here in Bahrain and providing an exceptional presentation. Your footprints are changing the lives of our future and promoting peace." 


Dr. Cynthia Gessling, Director of Curriculum

Modern Knowledge School, Juffair, Kingdom of Bahrain


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