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Essays and/or articles included in the following books:

My Beautiful Bahrain compiled and edited by Robin Barratt in 2012

What Women Really Want compiled by Robin Barratt in 2015

The Seasons: A Collection of Poetry and Prose compiled by Robin Barratt in 2017


Planks of History: Stories of the Crow River and Bridge 92366 has just been released. Commissioned by the Hanover Historical Society, author Mary Coons takes us on a historical tour of Hanover's iconic bridge and stories of the North Crow River at Hanover.


Safe from the outside world: A social history of Hanover, Minnesota

This book, my first commissioned book by the Hanover Historical Society, was released in 2004.

A social history perspective allows one to imagine historical events as they affected groups collectively, not just the effect upon the well-to-do who lived in large cities. Safe From the Outside World is about the everyday people in and around Hanover and the frameworks within which they lived. 

Intermingled throughout are snippets of German folklore and attitudes accompanying the settlers to their new homeland. I have attempted to capture snapshots of the ordinary folk and their lifestyles, and how they contributed in their own ways to Hanover's development beginning with the Vollbrecht brothers, other early homesteaders and first business people on down to those experiencing the Great Depression and now seasoned with age. The stories of Hanover are told through vivid memories and life as the storytellers and their families embraced it.