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Demystifying Arab Muslim Culture

Cultural stereotypes and ignorance - not geographical distances - separate countries these day. To many Americans, it seems as though the Islamic world is our enemy. But the Islamic world is not our enemy. Ignorance is our enemy.

Once the ignorance that Americans and Arabs have of each other's cultures is dispelled, individuals can move forward to bridge the cultural gap by promoting awareness, understanding and dialogue of customs, religion and culture.

Islam is undoubtedly the most misunderstood religion in the world. The average American is unfamiliar with how the Arab Muslim culture is integrated within its religion, and oftentimes confused between the two. Simply put, Islam is a religion and Arab is a culture.

There is profound ignorance on both sides between what we know to be true and what we choose to believe.






This book should just be the beginning of both countries trying to understand that the differences in what we believe and how we live do not separate us by culture; they bring us together as people.
 Toni Grundstrom